Penguin Creek

We build success stories with the Duck Creek platform


  • Architect

    With more than three decades of combined experience designing, building and integrating enterprise applications we’ve learned how to provide solutions that are clean, lightweight and scalable. We understand the importance of weaving automated testing and continuous delivery into the solution rather than trying to add it in later as an afterthought. If you’re planning a project around the Duck Creek platform, we can help make sure you end up where you hope to be.

  • Integrate

    Just like good fences make good neighbors, good integrations make good software partnerships. Clean interfaces, proper seperation of concerns and simple setup and deployment are the hallmarks of effective integrations. Failing to design your integration with these in mind can cause it to become a neverending source of pain and misery and in some cases, an opportunity for an involuntary career change. Let us help you design and build an integration that’s stable, efficient and easy to use.

  • Extend

    The Duck Creek platform provides an impressive software foundation for insurance carriers. But sometimes what comes out of the box is just not enough for your big idea. Our deep understanding of the platform’s strengths, architecture and extension points allows us to extend it without wasting time on overlapping feature sets or getting stuck in difficult configuration and deployment scenarios. We can help you leverage the platform effectively to meet your specific needs without creating a mess you’ll regret later.

About Us

With almost fifteen years of combined experience on the team behind the Duck Creek platform we understand both its strengths and the challenges it can present. Our unique perspective enables us to help you leverage the technology effectively while avoiding common pitfalls. Whether you’re a carrier looking to do something out of the ordinary, or a software provider needing to offer your customers a turnkey integration, we can help you design and develop a solution that’s right for you.

Damon Overboe

Damon Overboe

After a decade of experience in software development Damon joined the Duck Creek Technologies development team in 2010. There he spent three years leading major initiatives around code craftsmanship and skills training. With a strong focus on building and stabilizing large code bases Damon specializes in code quality, automated testing and application security.

Mark Gidman

Mark Gidman

Mark joined the Duck Creek Technologies development team in 2004 and held a variety of technical and leadership roles for nearly a decade. He was part of the development and release of every version of the Duck Creek platform from 1.7 through 5.1. Mark specializes in solution design and user experience and is known for his ability to bring creative solutions to complex problems.